Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hiking/Snowshoeing - Five-Mile Mountain

Five-Mile Mountain (2258') is the highest summit in the Tongue Mountain Range, adjacent to Lake George. Today, a Schenectady ADK chapter trip was scheduled to climb it from the north, so I signed up to go. It was about a 7-mile round trip hike.

Arriving at the trailhead, the temperature was about +7F, and the snow was 18-24" deep. Fortunately for us, the trail had been broken for most of our route. First we began the steady climb up Brown Mountain, from which there were nice views across Lake George to Black Mountain (shown here) and other summits.

Continuing on, we arrived at a leanto at 2.6 miles from the car, between Brown and Five-Mile Mountains.

It was too early for lunch, so we continued on to Five-Mile, less than a mile away, passing this ice formation along the way.

The woods were beautiful, with fresh snow covering everything.

Arriving at Five-Mile Mountain, we did a short scramble off the trail to find the open views from the rocks near the summit. This view is looking SW toward Lake George's Northwest Bay.

It was windy here, and only 10-15F, so we retreated back to the leanto for lunch. The trip out from there was pretty quick, since it was downhill most of the way on a packed trail, and we made it home well in time for dinner.

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