Thursday, January 29, 2009

XC Skiing - Indian Meadows Park

Another promised snowstorm goes bust !~#%!* After a forecast of 10-14", we got about 5", then some sleet and ice, and then maybe another inch. It didn't do much to improve the nearby skiing.

With other stuff on the day's calendar, Holly and I set out to Indian Meadows, which, it turns out, must have been groomed just after the ice but before the final snow. It was hard-packed and a little crunchy underneath, but the rolled trails were actually pretty good, all things considered, with about an inch of nice snow on top. We took one short excursion through the woods, and since the ice hadn't penetrated under the pines, that was OK too. Off-trail was a different story, however. There's a crust under the top layer of powder, and we kept breaking through. Best to stay on the trails. We got in about 45 minutes worth of skiing, but still need to hope for some real snow.

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