Saturday, December 20, 2008

XC Skiing - Indian Meadows Town Park

Last week we had a crippling ice storm. Yesterday we had 10" of snow. Tomorrow, we're expecting 5-10" more. Welcome to winter in the Northeast!

With other things on the day's agenda, we only had time for a short local ski, the first of the season. I went to Holly's house and helped her get rid of some downed limbs from last week's ice storm, and then we headed for Indian Meadows, a nearby Town of Glenville park.

This is a fairly boring place to ski, but it's close by, and that was a big plus. We were out for 45-50 minutes on really good snow with some wet spots underneath. It was good to get out after a week of nothing but biking on the trainer in the basement. Combined with the morning's snow shoveling, that was enough for one day.

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