Saturday, December 13, 2008

ICE STORM!! - Walk in Lisha Kill Preserve

Friday, December 12, brought us the most severe ice storm we've had here in over 20 years. We got somewhere between 0.75-1.0" of ice coating everything. Tree limbs were down all over the area and the Northeast, and over 240,000 people were without power just in this local area. Some still have no power, and may be out until the middle of next week. I was without electricity for 41+ hours, but fortunately, with temperatures dropping into the teens, I did have heat, unlike many of my neighbors. Our power in this neighborhood came back just after nightfall tonight.

Although the storm was very damaging, it can also be beautiful. Holly and I went for a walk this afternoon in the Lisha Kill Preserve, which I posted about not too long ago. Many, many tree limbs were down throughout the preserve, but almost all of the stately old pines were still standing. I didn't take any pictures on this walk, but have included a few here from around my backyard. I got off easier than many neighbors, but do have some minor cleanup to do nonetheless.

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