Monday, December 29, 2008

Geocaching - Sanders Nature Preserve

Still about 8-10" of hard crusty snow left on the ground - not good for local skiing or snowshoeing, so today we went geocaching. The Sanders Preserve is a Town of Glenville property that's wooded and has lots of streams running through it. identified 5 relatively new caches that we had never attempted before, so we were off and running. Or at least walking, once I got my car unstuck from the ice-covered parking lot. We failed to find the first two, which were micros and may have been covered with snow. We'll go back for those in the spring. We did find the third one we attempted, and the other two remaining ones were out of the way and will also have to wait. Not a very successful day, but it was good to get outside for a walk after some of the nasty weather we've had lately.

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