Friday, September 5, 2008

Hiking and Boating - Putnam Pond

I have a 2-person inflatable boat that we sometimes take to a remote pond, inflate, and explore. Today was supposed to be near 90 and extremely windy, southerly at 15-20mph. If you've ever tried to maneuver an inflatable boat in the wind, you know they acquire a mind of their own. So we headed to Putnam Pond, in the eastern Adirondacks, a fairly large lake that's basically oriented SW to NE. There's a state campsite, now closed for the season, at the NE corner of the lake, and the lake is otherwise surrounded by State wilderness. We parked the car at the campsite and then hiked about 1.4 miles to the SW corner of the pond and inflated the boat. After a quick swim and a visit to an island just offshore, we let the wind carry us the mile or so northeast back to the campsite. It was an extremely lazy way to spend possibly the last hot day of this summer. We hardly even had to paddle, and still covered the mile in about an hour of just drifting with the wind.

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