Thursday, September 25, 2008

Golf - Hillcrest GC

After a month and a half of various other activities that got me out of a "normal" routine, whatever that means, I returned to the golf course today expecting the worst. This is a game you have to play regularly to get any better at it.

After 2 shots out of bounds on the first hole, resulting in an 11 on a par 5, it looked like my worst fears would indeed be realized. But then I settled down nicely and played solid bogey golf most of the rest of the round, the exception being the shot I put in the water on #7. Overall, I finished with a 51, about my usual average, and a little amazing given the two bad holes.


  • 3 greens in regulation
  • 2 pars and 5 bogeys
  • chipping was better than a month ago, by far, as were short irons
  • 2 OB shots on #1 for an 11
  • Flubbed tee shot on #7, then put the next shot in the water
  • Missed several easy putts, due to heavy dew on greens.

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