Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hiking - Clockmill Pond

Clockmill Pond is found off the Powley-Piseco Road in the southern Adirondacks, and is completely surrounded by state forest preserve land. After a 1.2-mile walk on a snowmobile trail, there's a faintly marked unmaintained path that leads to the lake. Because of a lot of blowdown on this path, we lost it on the way in, but still found our way to the shores of this lovely lake. This was our lunch spot:

After lunch, we bushwhacked to the southern shore, to a large rock that juts out into the lake. It looked like a great spot for a swim. I wasn't sufficiently motivated, but the others spent some time in the water while I just sat and admired the surroundings.

We decided that we somehow need to get a canoe back into this lake. There was much of it that we could not see, and many hidden coves and bays. 1.6 miles each way is a long way to carry a full-sized canoe, so we're thinking of wheeling it in instead. On the way back to the car, we did a fair amount of clearing on the overgrown unmaintained path, to make getting a canoe to the lake easier than it would have been otherwise. Hopefully, we'll get back there later this summer and do some further exploring.

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