Friday, July 4, 2008

Canoeing - Sand Lake

Without revealing its exact location, and causing a stampede, Sand Lake is in the southern Adirondacks, about 2 hours from home. It's surrounded by state land, so there are no camps or other structures, and no other boats. It's about a half-mile carry from a nearby dirt road, which is usually muddy and buggy, but the paddling is worth the work to get there. We go here a couple of times every summer, and rarely see another soul. This being 4th of July weekend, there was one other canoe on the lake - big whoop. It was a beautiful day to be on the water.

There's a very nice swimming rock on one side of the lake, and we always stop there after paddling around for a while. I probably swim about half the time, but Holly even brings an inflatable air mattress and always goes for a dip.

We almost always see loons when we come here, and today was no exception. First, as we paddled up an inlet to the lake, we saw a loon sitting on its nest on a small island in a marshy area away from the main lake. Then, as we were sitting on the swimming rock, a loon kept approaching closer and closer, and even made its eerie sound as it sat in front of us.

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