Sunday, October 7, 2012

Walk - John Boyd Thacher State Park

Today I got out for a short walk at Thacher State Park.  Having heard only recently about a special Youth Firearms Deer Hunt this weekend, I was scratching my head a bit trying to figure out a good place to go to avoid it.  I figured that the developed area at Thacher would be safe enough, so that's where I went.

Fall colors were in abundance at Thacher today, as were the people.

Cars at the Overlook Parking Area
I parked at the south end of the Overlook Parking Area, and walked in the opposite direction from the crowds, into the always quiet Glen Doone Picnic Area.  There's a nice view off the cliff edges all along this area, and I hardly ever see anybody there.  The one exception today was what seemed to be a wedding celebration in one of the pavilions, but I was soon out of earshot of that and saw nobody else during my walk.

Leaving the park, I drove some back roads near Thompson's Lake and on back down to Altamont a different way.  The colors were farther along up in the hills, and the valleys still have a ways to go.

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