Thursday, December 9, 2010

Walk - Mohawk River State Park

Still no snow nearby to ski on, though it's all around us if we wanted to drive an hour or so in almost any direction. That didn't appeal today, so since it was sunny and less windy than previous days, Holly and I got out for a walk instead. The Mohawk River State Park, aka "Schenectady Museum Preserve" to anybody who's lived here for any length of time, is along the Mohawk River near Lock 7 in Niskayuna. We used to cross-country ski there a lot, but now it's been taken over by snowshoers and dog walkers, except immediately after a big snowfall, so isn't quite as appealing for skiing anymore. It's still a nice place to get out for a walk, and there are also several geocaches there, most of which we've already found. It was a little brisk today, so we skipped geocaching and just walked for about an hour on some of our favorite trails, picturing them with snow, and wondering when the first big dump will come.

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