Saturday, December 18, 2010

Geocaching - Tawasentha Town Park

Holly and I took a break from Christmas stuff today and returned to Tawasentha Park in Guilderland to pick off the two geocaches that we had left behind a few weeks ago. The first was in the "Winter Recreation Area", on the east side of NY146, which would be an interesting place to cross-country ski were it not right along the main road. Nice hills and wide trails - may have to give it a try, if we ever get any snow. We found this first cache easily enough, and walked the rest of the loop trail we were on.

The next cache was across NY146 in the "Community Gardens" network of trails, and traffic was heavy, so we decided to use the car instead of attempting to cross the road on foot. This trail crossed a field and entered the woods, continuing along the edge of a steep dropoff to the Normanskill valley below. Not a good ski trail, this one. This second cache was also pretty easy and obvious, and we checked it off as well.

That leaves one multi-cache in Tawasentha where we DNFed Part One last time we were there. Some other time.

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