Saturday, February 27, 2010

XC Skiing - Rockwood State Forest

I led a cross-country ski trip today for Schenectady ADK. Even given all the snow we've had lately closer to home, this one was already on the schedule for Rockwood State Forest, so that's where we went, knowing full well that there would be no shortage of snow there either.

Five of us left the parking area to find well over a foot of extremely heavy wet snow, and the only previous tracks those of snowshoers and bare-booters. Although the new snow was very pretty to look at, it didn't provide the best skiing conditions, since we basically had to stay in that trench. Downhill control was next to impossible via normal snowplow means, since we were in ruts and the heavy snow to the sides did not give way easily. After doing the usual long loop with a couple of good-sized "interesting" hills, we decided to avoid any more exciting downhills and do another easier loop. But we then found that loop to be still buried in 20" of unbroken heavy wet snow and thought better of it. It was tough conditions, and we'd all had enough, so we headed back home to the continuing rain in the valley.

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