Sunday, February 14, 2010

Walk, Geocaching - Clifton Park

Today was an ugly day - dreary, very windy, and flurries. We didn't have a lot of time this afternoon, so headed to Veterans Memorial Park in Clifton Park to look for a couple of geocaches. The first was way too easy - I actually saw the container from the trail. We concealed it a little better when we left it. The second was a different story. Comments like "clever hide" and "interesting container" were bad enough, but it wasn't until I got home that I noticed some others from previous winters regarding this one's possible unavailability if there were more than a couple of inches of snow. So we'll use that as our excuse for not finding the second one and try it another time. Lots of trails here we never knew existed, and a nice nearby place for a short walk.


  1. Was this the geocache you couldn't find?
    AJ Stephen's Journey to Kutztown"

    Jackie Parker

  2. That's the one - any hints? ;-)

  3. I am told the hint is the title of the cache itself.

  4. Right, so said its description and online hint, which meant nothing to either of us. We'll try again after the snow is gone.