Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Biking and Lunch - Schenectady's "Little Italy"

It wasn't exactly a promising day, with a 20% chance of some drizzle, but 4 of us took our chances and biked 11-12 miles from Lions Park in Niskayuna to Perreca's Italian Bakery on Jay Street in Schenectady for lunch. Perreca's just recently opened "More Perreca's", a small sit-down restaurant open next door for breakfast and lunch. We just barely beat the noon rush, ordered our lunches, and grabbed a table. Perreca's Italian bread is legendary around here, and that was the bread used for our sandwiches, which were very good. After lunch, we walked across Jay Street to Civitello's Italian Pastry Shop, where some of us had dessert. The chocolate ├ęclair I had was delicious, and others were equally pleased with their selections. As we headed back toward Niskayuna, it hadn't rained at all, the sun was out, and it was 55 degrees, another amazing November day.

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