Thursday, October 2, 2008

Golf - Hillcrest GC

Today dawned very windy and temps were only expected to be around 60, so what to do? I didn't really want to bike in that, and also didn't feel like driving very far for a hike. That left golf, the theory being that the wind doesn't matter if the shot is bad when it leaves the clubface. That definitely proved to be the case.

While in most rounds, I typically do OK but have a few bad holes that ruin it, today I didn't really have any GOOD holes. My irons and short game seemed to have deserted me, on practically every hole. I was basically OK off the tee in most cases, and made some really good putts that kept the score under 60, but in general it wasn't a very good round at all. I think I'll skip the highlights and lowlights on this one. Better luck next week, probably at a par-3 course to get in some concentrated irons work.

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