Thursday, October 23, 2008

5k Run - Mohawk River Bike Path

Fall weather is definitely here, and with temps only around 50 degrees, I'm having trouble getting motivated to do much biking. I decided to get out for a run today, just to do something. Although I've been doing the same 5k route several times previously this fall, today was different. After about a half mile, my right knee started complaining, and I couldn't continue. I walked a few steps, tried again, but still a no-go, so I turned around and started walking back to the car, still with twinges. Then it stopped. I tried running again, and finished a 5k with no further pain.

I had arthroscopic surgery on my left knee for a torn meniscus in 1995, and it's been solid ever since. I've known all along that the right knee has had a lesser but similar problem, but today was the first time it ever stopped me from doing anything. It's probably the same thing - a little flap of torn cartilage out of place, which eventually snapped back where it belonged. Need to keep an eye on this one...

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