Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hiking - Windham High Peak

At 3524', Windham is one of the 35 Catskill summits higher than 3500 feet. It's about a 1700' climb from the parking lot in 3.3 miles, so not a difficult or steep hike as Catskills go. Holly and I climbed it today, a sunny day in the low 70s, perfect for hiking.

This first view is toward the Blackhead Range to the southeast, about 3 miles away as the crow flies. Blackhead, Black Dome, and Thomas Cole (L to R) are all over 3900 feet, and are commonly visible from Albany on a clear day, some 30+ miles to the north.

The view from the actual summit is rapidly growing in, but just east of the summit is this wide open view to the north. Downtown Albany is visible from here on a clear day. which today was not. Though sunny and cool, it was also very hazy and humid.

We even got caught in a stray thunderstorm as we were driving home and looking for an ice cream stop, which we found, as always.

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