Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Golf - Bucket O' Balls

After playing the pitch-and-putt course last week, I thought I learned something, namely that an easy swing would go straight, while a hard swing would be pulled or sliced. I needed to try out this theory with some clubs other than a pitching wedge, so I hit the range one more time, this time with 3, 6, and 9-irons and a 3-wood. Mostly I was hitting off the grass rather than teeing it up, since I also needed to get the feel of playing from the fairway. While the above theory appears to be mostly true, it's also just not that simple. This is golf, after all. But what I did discover this trip is that I'm getting to know what feels right again in terms of grip and stance, and I hit a reasonable percentage of acceptable shots. I feel like I could probably play a fairly open course, without lots of out-of-bounds and woods, and not be totally embarrassed. Whispering Pines (an executive course) or Hillcrest (a wide open field sort of course) come to mind, and I think I'm ready to give one of them a try.

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