Sunday, March 9, 2008

Walk - Mohawk River Bike Path

After back-to-back 3" rainstorms, rivers are running high, and the Mohawk is no exception.

Sunny day with temps in the 30s, and I wanted to see the river, so I decided to walk along the bike path. An ulterior motive was to see just what condition the bike path was in, as in rideable or not.

Parked at Schenectady County Community College, and headed west, not knowing for sure just how far I'd go. Finally settled on going to Lock 8, about 2.7 miles away. Strong west wind in my face, and numerous snowy/icy stretches to negotiate, so that question was answered. Not quite ready for bicycles yet. Reached the lock, and noted that the water was at least 5' higher during the June 2006 flooding (on right), actually rolling over the lock doors. Today, it was almost up to the bollards along the wall where boats ties up while waiting to pass through the lock.

On the way back, I walked along the road for a ways to avoid some of the ice. I covered the 5.4 or so miles in under an hour and a half, including the icy patches, pushing a pace of almost 4 mph, so this was a brisk walk and a good workout.

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