Thursday, February 21, 2008

XC Skiing - Rockwood State Forest

Since I'm ostensibly leading an ADK ski trip to Rockwood on Saturday, and since we've had some really weird warm wet weather lately, I felt the need today to make a scouting trip to see if it was even still skiable. As it turns out, there's about 8" of hard granular base with about an inch of fresh snow on top, just about enough to give some downhill control. The entire trail system had apparently been rolled smooth during all of that bad weather, and all ruts and bare spots were removed. The surface is fairly smooth, and if the expected 1-3" of new snow falls there tomorrow, conditions on Saturday will approach excellent. As it stands, maybe fair to good, and not beginner-friendly. Got in about an hour of skiing, maybe 4 miles, including some downhills that were much faster than usual.

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