Friday, February 29, 2008

Snowshoeing - Christman Sanctuary

Today was a sunny cold day, the calm before the next storm, and I needed to get out. The Christman Sanctuary is a Nature Conservancy preserve about 25 minutes from home, and I go there several times every year.

Today, I was able to get across the stream and do the longer loop trail, which was good, because there was another group of 4 walking around, and we needed to spread out. The longer loop wasn't yet broken, so I spent about 30 minutes breaking trail in 8" of fresh soft powder. When I got back to the stream, I followed some previous tracks up the frozen surface, and eventually came to the main attraction, the waterfall at the head of the valley:

By now, the other group was also here, so I didn't hang around long. Walked to the base of the falls and peered behind the ice, took a few pictures, then meandered out, again breaking trail most of the way. It was a good 90-minute workout.

Another 5-10" of snow is expected tonight, followed by a major thaw next week. So goes March in the northeast.

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