Friday, October 4, 2013

A Funny Day on Moxham Mountain

Well, it finally happened.  On top of Moxham Mountain yesterday, we were talking to a young couple we'd never met.  They were asking us if we knew the names of some of the other summits off in the distance.  We asked them where they were from, had they been here before, all the usual conversational questions.  They told us they had meant to come here last year but hadn't quite had the time.  They'd read about it on "some guy's blog" last fall, and really wanted to see it for themselves.  Hmmm, I said.  I'd blogged about a trip here last fall.  Would that be my blog you're referring to?  She asked me the name of the blog, so I told her "No Rocking Chair for Me".  "Oh yeah, that's the one!  You stopped writing it and we're missing it.  You always wrote about such interesting  places to go."

I guess it was inevitable, but this was a first.  Two of my former readers came here on my recommendation in an earlier blog post.  And on the same day I was here again.  Weird and funny coincidence!  And this was immediately after (2 minutes) we finished talking to two of my daughters' former music teachers from middle school, over 15 years ago.  They're now retired and were also enjoying a mid-week hike to Moxham.  They mentioned where they'd taught, I mentioned our last name, and they immediately remembered both girls, in surprising detail.  Crazy!

Moxham itself was resplendent in peak fall colors.  It's only a 4.6-mile hike round-trip, and is more than worth that minimal effort.  I'll let the pictures below speak for themselves.

So, does this post mean the blog is back?  Not sure yet, but this one definitely needed to be posted.  Time will tell.

Gore Mountain from ridge below Moxham summit

Approaching our destination

Summit panorama

Ponds below the summit ridge

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