Monday, October 3, 2011

Walk - Schenectady County Forest

Yesterday was supposed to be another in a string of cool rainy days. So when I saw a break in the action on the weather radar, and even a hint of temporary partially clearing skies, it was almost obligatory to get out of the house and do something while I could. I didn't want to waste any of that time driving, so I headed to the nearby County Forest. There's a new trail here that I had walked once before, but I had failed to capture a GPS track of its location. So that was today's hope, and a rough track appears below. The new trail is on Town of Duanesburg property outside the forest proper, but adds another nice loop to the overall network.

There were many trees down since my last visit, which was before TS Irene came through. And although it wasn't actively precipitating, it was extremely wet and sloppy going, with many puddles on the trails, and most bog bridges surrounded by standing water. I cleared a few drainages where it was possible and a sturdy stick was available, but in general, this place really needs to dry out and have some tree removal done. But I got in a 3-mile walk, and now today, it's raining once again. Better weather is coming, or so "they" say...

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