Friday, October 16, 2009

Golf - Clifton Knolls Executive Course

The weather unexpectedly improved this afternoon, all the way into the 50s with some sun, so I headed out for a brief golf outing. Clifton Knolls is a 9-hole par-28 course not far from home, and it was all I felt like taking on today, having not played in about 3 weeks. That long layoff definitely showed, though there were some bright spots.


  • Outstanding short game around the greens
  • Five one-putts and only 14 total putts
  • 3 pars and 3 bogeys
  • Lots of hooking, slicing, and mis-hits
  • Hooked into water on #2, and under a tree on #9
  • Three triple bogeys (scoring 6 on a par 3)
Not sure how many more times I'll be getting out this year, but I remember going on a warm November day last year, so I'm probably not quite done yet.

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